Thursday, December 20, 2007

Today's The Day

I planned on posting last night, but I fell asleep abnormally early. So my brilliant-and insightful-post about steroids in professional baseball will have to wait until tonight (assuming my pain-medication addled mind can put together cohesive thoughts).

Yeah; I'm having eye surgery today. The web says the recovery is not NEARLY as painful as it looks, but they've given me a prescription for two-weeks worth of Vicodin.

So, depending, tonight's post will either be thoughtful post of the typical MyndFood variety, OR it'll be the drug-induced, psychedelic ramblings of a Vicodin saturated mind.

Either way, it's sure to be fun!

So, come back this evening. And I apologize for the lack of meat over the past few days!

I'll not let it happen again (well, it won't happen again soon, OK?).


Anonymous said...

I like your writing. And I hope the eye surgery goes ok. What do you have to say about baseball steriods?


Katie Booker said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! =) hee hee...
I expect to see the surprised look on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

With all the narcotic pain meds your going to be taking. Make sure you double up on your poo raisins. I think you have IBS.