Friday, December 7, 2007

The Real Santa Claus

I'd assumed Lex and Gentry knew there was no Santa.

Not so, apparently.

Gentry asked me today: "Does the weal Santa Claus live in the mall in Fwesno?".

What's a father to say to that? I considered telling him no, that this guy was just a fill-in. That the "weal" Santa Claus was out of pocket this year (doing a brief stint in a Federal pen after an FBI sting operation revealed he was skimming the kid's gifts, and selling them on eBay). That seemed a little too traumatic.

So I opted to tell him the truth.

"No, Bubs; that's not the real Santa. The REAL Santa is the one you saw at Christmas Tree Lane last night."

What can I say? I'm a chicken. We'll let Shawna clear it up.


Anonymous said...

Tell him the real Santa is spending all his money on a Macbook Pro, so he won't be visiting the Green house this year

Katie Booker said...

I love your only problem is...I told Logan that the real Santa is in Victoria Gardens. If we show up at your party and our kids talk...we could be in REAL trouble!

Anonymous said...

The real question you both should be asking is, 'Is it okay for christian men and women to teach their children about santa claus?' Think about it, Santa comes on the scene he takes away Jesus from the picture. He wears red. He was a mizer that suddenly turned cheek (i.e. portrays himself as someone good (an angel of light) when in reality he was a greedy wicked man). And the biggest one of all you rearrange his name Santa and you get SATAN. Right there in plain sight just like satan but noone ever realizes it.

Katie Booker said...

Oh My Goodness! I do believe I have heard it all!
I won't even grace it with a comment!

There is no harm in Santa...and NO I don't believe it is SATAN!!!

I'm hoping the comment was a joke.