Saturday, December 22, 2007

Party On!

Shaniqa and I threw a Christmas party tonight (perhaps a "first annual" thing). I'll not write too much about it, as I forced everyone at the party to listen to one of my stories; I figure I'll spare them the dialogue here.

Maybe, though, we can convince Shegazelle to post a party recap here! I know that I'd love it! And I'll bet you all would as well!

A highlight of the evening was a gift exchange. Participants were charged with making the most creative gift that they could, without actually buying anything. My favorite was a PowerPoint presentation that Shegazelle created. If you ask me, you can't get any more creative than that.

I've posted a link to a download of the presentation here. Enjoy! I'll actually treasure it forever (although, it's not exactly complimentary).

The winner, though, was a pair of "Cleaning Shoes" that Adam created (Phillip was the lucky guy who got to take the shoes home).

And my own personal favorite part of the party was a gift that Mother gave me. Deanna gave her the idea, she says. But she went and made me a pair of adult-sized, flyless, elastic-waisted, camouflage pants. I honestly almost cried!

I've posted a slideshow of pics from the party here. Enjoy!

And all you readers who came, tell me what you thought! I certainly hope you all enjoyed it; we sure did!

Thank you all for coming! And thank you, Mother and Dad, for allowing us the use of your home! We love you all very much!

Have a very Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a good time!=) Glad you like your pants. I think they're great!!! Hope you guys have a good christmas=). Love ya guys!

SheGazelle said...

One thing I did not include in my Powerpoint presentation that I should have:
You shouldn't hang out with PJ because he promises you Christmas presents and then doesn't give 'em!!