Thursday, February 21, 2008


My heart's racing.

I might be a new world record holder, as certified by Guinness. I've spent the past few hours preparing and applying for a new world record. It's all complete and sent off to the kind folks there in England; now I have to wait.

What does it feel like to be certified a world record holder? To be the greatest--in the WORLD--at some feat? That, folks, might be me!

I'll join the ranks of the few, the proud-the World Record holders. Folks like John Evans, who holds the world record for Heaviest Car Balanced on the Head; and Zafar Gill, who holds the record for the Heaviest Weight Lifted with an Ear; and even Ken Edwards, who holds the record for Most Cockroaches Eaten.

I tremble at the thought of finally breaking through that glass ceiling, and taking my rightful place amid this prestigious group.

If my application is accepted, I will be the world record holder for (drumroll please)...the Most Quarters in the Nose at One Time.

That's right folks. I can fit quite a few. 18 is the current number, to be exact.

What? You don't believe me?

OK. Here's proof. Watch these videos:

Putting Them In:

Taking Them Out:

Do you believe me now? It's amazing, if I do say so myself.

I'm asking for your support though. Assuming they accept my application, I'll have to have a formal "record breaking" event. I've got a tentative plan, the details of which will follow (assuming the application is approved), but It's going to cost a few bucks. So, I've put a link over there on the right where you can donate to the cause (via Paypal). I challenge each one of you: if you'd like to see me as a new World Record Holder, pitch in your own 18 quarters (that's only $4.50) toward the cause! It'll help greatly!

In the meantime, enjoy the videos! And stay tuned; I'll keep you apprised of progress!


Katie Booker said...

Let me be the FIRST to say...that is DISGUSTING!!! lol
But you always were kinda gross..(swallowing gold(blackened,diseased) fish at our formal banquet)
But, if you do become a record breaker...I will be proud to say I know you!!!

Anonymous said...

That's my big bro. He is definately extremely talented. remind me to not borrow a quarter from you in the future. I know where your quarters have been. lol!

Anonymous said...

I've seen you do the quarters I wonder how many dimes you can get up there.

Mrs. Willman said...

What a great noseable feat. That's a great job, even though I wouldn't want to try. I knew there was something famous about you besides your singing. Next is what? American Idol. Disney is the place where people go when they accomplished great things right? I hope you win the prize, by a nose.
If you do I will pitch in with your great celebration.
John W.

Mrs. Willman said...

Ugggh! My mom always told me not to put money in my mouth when I was little because "you never know where it has been" and now I sure hope that you purchased a brand new roll from the bank when you did this feat. I remember watching a documentary about germs and the stuff that they find on coins is down right disgusting!
This is definately something you would do! You crack me up. So, do you get money for holding a world record?

Mrs. Willman said...

Just another comment, I just googled nose in the quarter, and wathced youtube, there was only one that came close, but he only had 3.50 in his nose. LOL. Good job again, PJ. I think you will win.

Shane Eccles said...

During the 1665 plague market places would provide containers of vinegar in which coins could be dipped because it was believed that they could pass on the Black Death. There is a "Vinegar Stone" in Derby which was used for this purpose.

I hope you do not get bacteria of some sort in your snort…

I've also heard that Hepatitis C can be spread on bank notes when they are used to snort drugs. But don't know if there is any evidence supporting this. At least you are not snorting that.