Tuesday, July 31, 2007

American Idol

I am troubled.

I just read that auditions for American Idol started yesterday. The first of seven days of auditions happened to be here in California (in San Diego), so I've obviously missed the chance for this year.

The question is, do I owe it to society as a whole to go out of my way to make one of the other auditions? Dallas, Omaha, Miami, Philadelphia-nothing even remotely near. But, in a sense, I feel as though I'm depriving the world of something special.

I am so torn.

Please-ease my troubled mind!


Anonymous said...

ego much. how does that saying go? I'm not conceited I'm convinced.

PJ said...

Are you implying, anonymous, that I might have an overly inflated perspective regarding my musical value to society? I'm hurt.

For the record, American Idol is NOT about musical talent-it's about entertainment. You need proof? Sanjaya, William Hung, that wacko "Big Bird" lady from last year.

Point is, I need not necessarily be exceptionally talented to be a success on American Idol, I simply need to entertain you!

And I obviously do, to judge by your comment!

Thanks for stopping by, by the way! Come back again (and next time, tell us who you are).

Anonymous said...

It really pains me to see you missed the audition. The world needs another WILLIAM HUNG.

PJ said...

HA! I can tell that you believe in my musical abilities!

William Hung! That's funny!

By the way everyone: I just want you all to know that I sang in Ogre's wedding! Probably only because William Hung couldn't fit it in his schedule!

Thanks for stopping by Ogre!

Come back again!

Anonymous said...

William Hung was actually avaiable but it was PJ's dream to sing. So we changed everything and only invited all of our deaf mute friends.

PJ said...


So now I'm a charity case!

Well, just for that, I'm not gonna sing at your funeral!

So there!

Anonymous said...

pj, you know i was kidding right about the ego comment right? How many times have I told you, you should try and get a record deal. Cause you sing exceptionally well.

Katie Booker said...

I think I love the 2 guys that met for the first time, the little tubby guy and the "jungle monkey"...PJ maybe you should go try out...you never know, you could find your life long best friend there!

I'm not sure tho if you would be the tubby one or the "jungle monkey" lol

Anonymous said...

my vote is the jungle monkey only because Pj haslost so much weight he couldnt be the other guy. Also if you look way up in the family tree there might even be some sort of relation. You never know

Katie Booker said...

Careful on the family tree thing... I now have a branch in PJ's tree...only by marriage but he might start saying the moneys are on my branch =)