Sunday, December 2, 2007

MySpace Makes You Dumb

Those of you who've read MyndFood for any period of time know that, while MySpace fascinates me, I'm not a fan by any measure. I pointed out in a previous post that, in my opinion, MySpace is more dangerous than bubble gum, because it's socially degrading; it's a social network of superficial friendships.

But then, you've read that post already (I hope).

I came across an interesting story today though that I think adds another plank to the "MySpace is Dangerous" platform.

According to ABC, a Fresno State professor has found that there is a correlation between the use of MySpace and grades. The study found that 72% of MySpace users experienced drops in their grade point average within the last year.

What does this say about MySpace? It seems to me that, not only is MySpace socially degrading, it's a particularly effective "dumbing" agent.

Think about it: 72% of MySpace users now get lower grades than they did one year ago. That's a huge correlation-impossible to ignore. I won't pretend to understand why. I WILL say, though, that while I'm not a MySpace user, I've had (particularly through my previous post) opportunity to interact with a number of them-both personally, and via comments on MyndFood. And given those interactions, I have to say that I concur.


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ. I check my myspace several times a day. To see if family members have written me as that is the only way I have to get in touch with some of them. Which I have been doing for well over a year. My intellect is still vastly superior to quite a number of people who I have had the "privilege" to interact "personally" with. That has never used myspace. So maybe I'm in the 28% that have suffered no difference. Or maybe that Professor needs to take into account 2 extra variables. Like the rise of binge drinking and partying among the college/high school aged which has biological proof to degrade brain cells and performance. From what I’ve seen on some of the pages they like to document and picture themselves doing exactly that.

SheGazelle said...

Oh pj, you've started it now...
I'll just sit here and watch the fireworks.

PJ said...

Ah, yes!

If nobody is angry, then I'm not doing my job!