Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Reader, Adam, called me and told me about this story. I didn't believe him, but it's true. It's an horrendous ailment, and too horrible to imagine, but watch the video. I'll warn you, please preview it before you allow your children to watch it; it doesn't have questionable content, but sight of the tumor is haunting (NOTE: There are additional video installments that you can watch, linked from the story).

The thing that's most amazing to me is the fact that the tumor is operable; it can be removed. But, for 37 years, Jose Maestre, 51 (the gentleman with the tumor) has refused the operation. Why? Because he's a Jehovah's Witness; and the operation would require a blood transfusion; and Jehovah's Witness' have a belief that blood transfusions are explicitly forbidden by the Bible.

So he's elected to bear the burden. And, over the 37 years, the tumor has grown-so that it's now 15 inches long, and weighs 12 pounds.

It's incredible, I think, to have a belief (right or wrong; that's not the issue here) that's so deep seated, that you choose to live a life of inconvenience, and discomfort; possibly pain and humiliation; even danger, as the tumor has begun blocking both his sight AND airways, and he can hardly eat.

I wonder: what must it feel like to believe in something so strongly? I've never been put to a test like that-never had to sacrifice so much, and bear such a burden for so long.

And I pray I never have to. But if I do, I wonder, what will I do?

What would YOU do?


Anonymous said...

It just goes to show that even though his religion may not be the truth. He believes more strongly in his understanding of the way the Bible was taught to him. Than most of us other Christians do. The man has risked death and physical disfigurement because of what he believes God says is wrong to take part in. I wish I had this man's faith because I know that if I was faced with the same decision, I would have jumped the gun and not even of thought about what God thought of it. Hmm maybe I need to go repent. But that's the question. How many of us if faced with death or physical disfigurement if some disease was allowed to run its course, and the treatment was going to involve something we were taught was a sin. Would we have actually stood back and postponed treatment. To even considered what God thought of it. Who knows maybe I'm the only one that would jump the gun.

April Renee said...

I know many in our faith that choose not to go to doctors and "trust God" I had a cousin tha did that knowing he would probably die, and he did at 42 years old. He believed God would either heal him or take him. I'm not sure that I could do that. Not that I believe doctors can heal. I totally believe God is our ultimate healer and if He choosed not to heal me then that's His business, but not to seek a doctors "help", I don't know. Convictions.....that's something generations before us knew all about, they suffered for them, travailed for answers from God about them. I think now we analyze them and try to reason the logic of them and whether they make sense or if the Bible really meant that or something else. Something to think about.....WOW!