Thursday, December 13, 2007

Laughing Out Loud

I'm tempted, for the first time (I think) in my blogging career, to use LOL in a post. In fact, I'm going to.


I stopped in to check on the blog a few minutes ago (blogs require a great deal of personal attention and care, you know), and read through my post from last night. It was actually a very good post (I'm certain you'll agree). But I got to the end, and literally started laughing out loud; I was almost ROFL (that's Rolling On the Floor Laughing for all you old folks who still speak king's English; get with the program!). Because, the last lines of the post were:

"...simply take three handy-dandy MyndFood cards, and give them to
three different people whom you believe will appreciate the blog. Convince them
to come, and to use sellulite. OH!

THAT would make me happy."

WHAT?!?! What does "...convince them to come, and to use sellulite. OH!" mean? I've wracked my brain, and I have to say that the sleep-deprived mind comes up with some strange stuff!

No excuses! Honestly! If I were inclined to provide an excuse, I'd simply go in and change the post, and you'd be none-the-wiser. But I found that the final lines of the post added a certain degree of mystery--something that has been missing from many of my posts.

And frankly, for some reason, it's the funniest thing I've read in weeks! Every time I read it, I start cracking up!

So I'm going to leave it!

But I WILL say that I've only slept about 3.5 hours per night the last few nights (various obligations, as well as some hefty work commitments), and so I reckon my mind, by 11 or so last night, was in a Diet-Pepsi fueled fever state, and a few neurotransmitters mis-fired.

And created the most humorous line ever to show up on a blog (well, at least on this blog)!

Now: what in the world is "sellulite"?


Anonymous said...

I must admit that when I read this post I thought maybe that last line was something that only the intelligent minds would understand and know the meaning of. And we all know by reading the 'bubble gum' post that I do not fall in that category. =) I thought maybe you had my thighs in mind as you were writing last night. lol now that is something to rolf about.

SheGazelle said...

dude, I was wondering what I missed...
Be careful writing while not in full control of your mental faculties, you may divulge information you don't intend!

Anonymous said...

I was not going to say anything, but i was thinking, "If this is myndfood, I just found a hair on my plate."

Just Kid'n

Anonymous said...

I dunno, what is cellulite?

-Fat lady in a two piece at the beach

Fatty deposits beneath the skin that give a lumpy or grainy appearance to the skin surface, especially on the thighs or buttocks.

Not only does it look lumpy, IT FEELS LUMPY TOO!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have to admit, that was kind of hilarious! And Shanes comment...I loved it. Get you some sleep man, the blog is still great...even when a bit mysterious! lol.

Katie Booker said...

WOW...Maybe you SHOULD post more when you haven't slept in eons!

Its like getting a jalapeno burger, which is already VERY yummy & full of plenty of spice, and adding just an extra kick of habenero (sp?) peppers to it!