Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Worthwhile Choice

I oft ask myself, why do they love me? My children, my wife, extended family, my friends. Why? I regularly give them excuse to stop-in fact, more than excuse, good reason! I am, admittedly, selfish, high-strung, and can be just plain touchy! But, more importantly, sometimes I simply fail-as a father (regularly), as a husband (equally as often), as a family member and as a friend. And I am forever amazed! I can't imagine why they continue to love me!

Until today, that is. In the car, during the long, boring commute home, I heard a woman on the news talking about her husband, and some infidelity in has past, and how she's dealt with it over the years, and stuck with him through it all. She made a comment that struck a chord with me. She said something like, "I choose to love him."

That's the key, I think. Love is a choice! I wonder why they love me, because in my mind, it's always been a response-as in, if I can buy them enough stuff, perhaps they'll love me! Or, if I can be fun to be around they'll love me; or if I can make enough money, and look like Brad Pitt, she'll love me; even if I can do everything, and do it perfectly, they'll ALL love me. If I am good enough, they'll love me in return.

The truth is, good or bad, splitting image of Brad Pitt or not, fortune and fame and lavish gifts or not-they love me-because they choose to! Because that's what wives do, and children, and family and friends. They choose to love!

And so now, for perhaps the first time in my life, I truly understand love. I Chronicles 13:13 in the New King James Version says:

"And now abideth faith, hope, love, these
three; but the greatest of these is love."

And you know what? It is! The greatest thing in my life is that love-that they choose to have for me! Wife, children, family, friends: have faith in me-please. It makes me feel good. And hope for me to achieve success in every facet-it means you care. But if you can no longer put your faith in me, and you feel hope is lost, at least love me. Choose to love me-no matter what! Because that love means the world to me-it's what I live for!


Anonymous said...

Love given only after having recieved can't be true. What if God loved under those circustances. We would all be Saviorless. In past experiences I have come realize that I may not always like the choices the people I love make but they are still my loved ones and either I can choose to love or destroy the relationship. I choose Love.

PJ said...

Well said Nan! Nothing I can add to that! As always, I enjoy your comments! Careful, though: I'm starting to get email from folks wanting me to shut up and let you write!! As always, Love you!