Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Door

The Door

Forever, it seemed, we’d watched you
As you’d moved past us toward the door
And wondered lightly why
You didn’t stay near us any more.

Gradually you’d neared it-
Occasionally you’d look back-
But not once did you hesitate
Or permit your pace to slack.

Then suddenly we realized-
You were way too far ahead!
But you called back, “Don’t worry!”
“You’ll make it too!” you said.

We cried and said, “Come back”
Though by then it was too late-
You’d gone much too near the door
To ever hesitate.

You stumbled-then you touched the knob-
Miraculously it turned,
And then we finally realized
The vision that within you burned.

For as the door swung slowly inward
We were bathed in a glorious light
And your bent and feeble body
Once again was made upright.

A hand reached out and helped you through
The door shut slowly behind you
The grief we felt was somehow sweetened
By a vision of life anew.

We think of you now as we look at that door
And what life must be like there;
But we each know that it’ll mean so much more
When we see you standing by your home
In that land so bright and fair.

Dedicated to my grandmother
Ruth Baglin
Oct. 14, 1939-Jan. 12, 1997

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful!!!! Thats dinner bro. Good writing. No more meow's only