Monday, July 30, 2007

Father, Forgive Them

I had another post started that I intended to post tonight, but then today happened.

This morning I got blindsided by someone-in a way that, frankly, can be taken no other way than that it was intended to be deliberately hurtful. The message they sent was troubling in and of itself, but the way in which it was sent was injurious-to say the least.

And I have to admit that, initially, I was angry and hurt.

And the anger and pain burdened me-weighed me down-for quite a while today. To the point where I recognized that I was somewhere in that no-man's land between injury and hate, between pain and bitterness, hurt and rage.

And so, there in my office, I stopped, examined myself, and made a conscious effort to forgive. I determined in my heart that they were forgiven-whether they desired forgiveness or not; whether they cared or not.

And now, I'm free. It reminds me of a post from a few weeks ago, and so I went back and reread it. And realized that to forgive doesn't satiate the thirst for vengeance or justice, but it does loose the self-imposed bonds that the come with carrying the hurt.

Luke chapter 23 tells the story of Christ's crucifixion. Verse 34 contains one of the most powerful statements in the Bible, I think:

"Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do."

With that, I think Jesus said all that needed to be said. They hurt Him-deliberately. They despised Him, and treated him worse than a common criminal. They mocked Him.

But Christ interceded on their behalf, because they were simply too blind to understand what they were doing.

And so those, today, who inflicted pain, probably did so on purpose. And perhaps they even despise us.

But I think they're probably too blind to see what they are doing. So, I forgive them.

And for that, I'm free.


Anonymous said...

I suppose this posting was meant to get a reply out of me as it has. First of all there was no “they” in the posting there was just me. Also there was no intention of hurting anyone. If it had not been brought out it would have lingered on like it had in the past and would have eventually become more serious than the previous time. I wouldn’t consider that being blindsided. Being blindsided is when your friends of a family for more than 12 years and the majority of them turn there backs and wont even look at you in a store or turn the other way while driving down the street acting like they don’t see you because of something that happened between people we are related to. That’s being blindsided. If you think I despise YOU then you should think again. It’s just really hard to believe that this is what it has come down to. I would imagine you think your other posting from anonymous is from the likes of me, but I can assure you it is not. This was not exactly how I would have liked it to happen but this is far from being blind.

PJ said...


Thanks for the comment.

For the record, I know it wasn't you that left the anonymous worries there.

I can see where you're coming from regarding your reasoning for doing things the way you did...but, maybe this isn't the best forum for discussing the details. I still wouldn't mind chatting with you at some point, if you wish; if not, I understand.

Perhaps I owe you an apology-if so, I do apologize. I had no idea you read my blog; if I'd known, I probably wouldn't have posted this out of respect for you. It was not an indictment; I've just found that the blog is sometimes a good place for me to just "write out" some of what I'm feeling...I forget sometimes that things I'm writing about might hit close to home for some of my readers.

So again, I'm sorry.

I'm glad to discuss with you, in person or over the phone, if you'd like.

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

No need for an apology. What I said is true but maybe not put out there in the right manner with respect to you and your family. I would like very much to sit down and talk to you in person about this matter or any others for that fact. Like i said before it wasent ment to hurt anyone just a bad way of letting everyone know.

I think your blog has some great diffrences of options.

PJ said...

No worries! I'll accept that-and given that, really do feel bad for being upset.

Call/email me...

Re. the blog: didn't know that you read it, but excited that you do! Come back, ok?


Anonymous said...

He who is without sin let him cast the first stone. Thats pretty much all that needs to be said. If you need to confront, then confront don't tear down.

Anonymous said...

This was not a face to face confronting but i wouldnt consider it being torn down.

Anonymous said...

Hey my pastor said something this morning that I thought would be fitting for this post. He said "When you reach perfection, you have the right to criticize anybody you want."

Anonymous said...

No worries next time it happens nothing will be said to anyone. I just find it strange how i become the bad guy once again.