Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Six Years Ago Today...

...life forever changed. It's strange-it seems like it was just yesterday, but then it seems like at least a lifetime ago.

I still remember Shawna shaking me awake at three in the morning, telling me that it was happening. We jumped out of bed, grabbed the stopwatch and started timing the contractions. And, sure enough, this time, it was for real.

We showered and dressed, and made our way to the hospital. Strangely enough, the only thing that I remember about the admittance process was Shawna asking whether they had stairs or not (she hates elevators).

And then countless (it seemed) hours of alternating crying, and fitful sleep on Shawna's part; I spent most of the day pacing the room and rubbing her back.

And then, in my mind, I see snippets of frenzied activity-intensifying contractions, pushing, doctors and nurses rushing in and out, and suddenly, without me even realizing it was happening, a crying baby girl lying on Shawna's belly.

And then they handed her to me-and the world went still for just a moment. Only the three of us existed in that instant-Shawna, Alexis and me. And I was, for perhaps the first time in my life, speechless. Because we two, who were joined in spirit, now had created one who was a part of each of us. And now three were joined in a way that is still inexplicable.

I was amazed by her that day, six years ago. And she has amazed me virtually every day since.

Happy Birthday Alexis! I love you, and thank God for blessing us with you.

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Anonymous said...

Aww... Happy Birthday Lex we miss you and love you very much. We meant to call all day yesterday but we had a rough day and forgot. Hope you had a good birthday. We'll talk to you soon
Shane, Deanna, Taylor and Trevin