Thursday, July 5, 2007

"Blaze" Richard Bachman (Stephen King)

Title: Blaze
Author: Stephen King, writing as Richard Bachman
Publisher: Simon & Schuster (2007)
Category: Popular Fiction
Genre: Mystery/Horror/Science Fiction

Almost from the opening paragraph of this book, pulled from an old box in Stephen King's attic, dusted off, and published (under his old pseudonym-Richard Bachman), you'll be taken by Blaze, an oversized rather dimwitted, yet sincere and charming criminal, trying to make it on his own, after his partner, and only true friend dies.

The story is part reflection on Blaze's life-from his early life, when he actually excelled in school, to the severe abuse of his father that leaves him with a permanent mental disability as well as a huge dent in his forehead, to the many years spent in an orphanage, to his attempt to carry out the biggest job of his career-a job planned by his partner and friend prior to his death-solo (well, not solo; with the posthumous assistance of his good old partner).

The book is strongly reminiscent of Catcher in the Rye-it's a story of true friendship; of one man's struggle to prove himself, to himself and to those who wrote him off; the timeless story of good vs. evil. It'll likely leave you with watery eyes and a few used tissues, and will probably be one of those few times that you actually wish for good to lose out in this particular battle in the eternal war between good and evil.

MyndFood Rating: A-

MyndFood Comments:
I'll warn you up front-Stephen King can do no wrong! I'm an avid fan. But he's outdone himself on this one, in that he's departed (perhaps old Richard Bachman really was an alter ego) from the normal "freaky" nature of his writing, and created something that'll twang your emotions, yet not scare the socks off you! It's destined to be a classic! The A- is well-earned; I'm not an easy critic! You wont be sorry!

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Anonymous said...

Not much of a Stephen King fan. Truthfully never read any of his books. But I love to read, mostly stick to Karen Kingsbury, Sally John etc.