Monday, July 23, 2007


The other day I was standing in the kitchen when Shawna walked in from the grocery store. She sat a bag of oranges and a few other small items down on the counter, and opened up a recipe book sitting there, looking for a particular recipe.

She found it finally. I watched as she read through it, and knew right away she was frustrated.

"Aww man," she said. "I got the wrong stuff!"

I looked over at the recipe. It was for Apple Rings.

Yeah. She got the wrong stuff.

I Love You Shawna! You keep life interesting!


Anonymous said...

Hey PJ check this out

I know its not a post to your blog but I don't know your e-mail.

PJ said...

Very neat video! For the record, folks: I have included an email link on my homepage, so feel free to email.

That said, I enjoyed the video... Was it a song suggestion (for the choir), or just a cool video?

Oh-and tell me who you are!