Friday, July 20, 2007

Quote of the Century (According to Shawna)

Alright ladies. I absolutely have to post this. I know I already posted a Quote of the Week today, but Shawna says its acceptable to post this one, because it supercedes them all-in fact, she says it's definitely the Quote of the Century!
"The road to success is filled with women
pushing their husbands along."

-Thomas R. Dewar

Thank you Shawna. The depth of your love and support never ceases to amaze me. I've come to recognize that, if I have achieved anything, had any measure of success in my life, it has been because of your strong arm of support. I'm a fool if I think that anything I've done is solely because of me. You've been the backbone that has held it together. Your love is the screwdriver that works tirelessly tightening up the screws that keep trying to work themselves out.

Thank you for continuing to pour your love, prayers and energy into the mix-even when I didn't appear to be adding anything of my own. I don't deserve you. I Love You!


Anonymous said...

Great quote shawna really enjoyed that one.

Anonymous said...

hey mr. blogger go read the last comment someone left on your first bubble gum post. roflol