Wednesday, July 4, 2007


And so, as easy as that, I'm now a blogger-one of those passionate folks that you hear on the talk shows, posting their thoughts and comments regarding the things they're passionate about, at all hours, both day and night.

In a way, it feels almost like I felt when I had my first child! You know-the "I'm excited, but more scared than I've ever been in my life," feeling? I know that I can do this-I think that I've got something meaningful to say (and even if I don't, it's kind of like therapy for me), but what if I'm wrong? What if I goof up? I know, I know-it's a blog right? I mean, first, how badly can you mess up a blog-especially if nobody's reading it? More importantly, though-what if you do? Are there eternal consequences for messing up a blog? Obviously not-except for the damage to my psyche. I want to do something meaningful here-something that makes sense, that people will read, identify with and enjoy. And, I think that I can-I hope I can! But if not, will it crush some small part of me-the part that wants to, someday, write a novel, but is scared to death of trying?
There, I've said it! This is, I guess, that first step-I'm getting my feet wet in preparation for the real deal. Thing is, if I embarrass myself, will I have the courage to try again?

I read somewhere that courage is a defining attribute-something that sets those that have it apart from everyone else. The courageous face the things-go the places-that scare everyone else to death. The key, though, is that courageous people are not fearless-on the contrary, if they're fearless, then courage really has nothing to do with it. No, courage is the willingess to go, despite the fear, in the face of the fear.

So, here I go! Step one! I stare the fear of failure in the face, and take that first step...

I am lion, hear me roar!



Anonymous said...

Personally I feel that in writing if it comes from the heart it can't be wrong

Anonymous said...

here here. and i agree with nan on that. and does she have a blog to?