Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yeah, We Found 'Em

I forgot to tell you that you can quit looking; we found them.

The dogs.

The next morning, actually. Shawna called super early and woke me (Ha!) and told me that she'd called the pound, and some guy had called and had picked them up. They gave us the number, so I called the guy; he was in Reno for the day, but he gave me his address and told me where to pick them up.

The ill-mannered dogs had strewn garbage all over the poor guy's backyard; I'm glad nobody was home when I went to pick them up, 'cuz the guy might've asked me to pick up all the garbage.

Then, later that day, the guy calls me and asks if "the little one has had her rabies shot."

"Um...ya. Why do you ask?" When in doubt, always go with the answer that you think they're wanting to hear.

"She bit me when I was trying to get her in the car last night. Just wanted to make sure it was safe!"

Scared me a bit, but I called and checked and she has had the shot, so it's all good.

At any rate, this is a huge thank you to some guy (named Reid) who I've never met, who saved our dogs (at the expense of a chunk of flesh torn from his hand, and what appeared to be the aftermath of hurricane Rita after making her way through a landfill in his backyard).

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