Wednesday, June 11, 2008

From Where?

I was at the teller window in the bank today when one of those "personal bankers" stepped over and mentioned that she thought she had some products that would be of interest to me (incidentally, banks, as best I can tell, don't provide products; they provide a service--or, perhaps, various services). At any rate, she pulled me over to her desk area for "only a moment, Sir; I promise."

As I sat down at her desk, she looked at me.

"You're not from here, are you?" she asked.

"No," I replied, and told her where I was from.

"Oh, really?" she said, surprised. "You ARE from the Valley then, are you?"

"Ya," I said, a little confused.

She just looked at me for a moment.

"Why do you ask?" I questioned, a little uncomfortable.

"Well, because you don't look like you're from here."

"Oh," I said, not sure how to reply. "What does that mean, exactly?"

"Well, I don't know. Looking at you, I thought you were probably from San Francisco," she said.

What does that mean?


Katie Booker said...

I told you that you needed to give up the skinny jeans!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! that is too... FUNNY!!! =) lol!
Sounds like a pretty outspoken person.
As for me, well.... No comment!
Do with the tidbit as you wish. Afterall YOU are the one who apparently looks like a "SF guy"
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Ha ha!
I assume from her comments that you looked rather dapper. You couldn't POSSIBLY be from the Valley without overalls or some other hick outfit, right?

Anonymous said...

Well, what does that mean? San Fran. it's not that bad is it? It must have been the pants, like that commerical, Dockers. Right?

Anonymous said...

After all that did she "sell" you on the "product" that she thought you would be interested in? Next time you go in where you camo pants or a mynfood shirt, see what she says then.
Love Mother