Sunday, June 15, 2008


We went to San Francisco yesterday. Mother and Dad were up visiting, and so I thought we'd make the drive into 'Frisco and take Shawna to eat somewhere nice--as today is her 26th birthday!

That's right; she's 26 years old today!

And so we spent part of the day there in the City by the Bay and then went to one of our favorite restaurants for a late lunch overlooking the water.

I wanted to do something nice for her, and it's one of those restaurants where, if you let them know that there's a birthday girl in your party, they'll bring the entire staff out to your table, clapping and whistling and catcalling, and make the honoree stand on a chair while they sing a rowdy rendition of Happy Birthday.

I thought she'd appreciate that, so I mentioned, quietly, to the waitress, that it was Shawna's birthday. She grinned at me conspiritorialy and scurried off to round up the troops.

Dad must have let the cat out of the proverbial bag, though, because somehow Shawna caught on.

In hindsight, it's a good thing, too; because come to find out, she DOESN'T enjoy that kind of attention! You learn new things every day!

At any rate, she escaped without being mortified by 40 rowdy waiters singing Happy Birthday at the top of their lungs.

BUT, it's not just everyday you turn 26!

So, I want your help, faithful partakers of this sumptuous fare. Do this:

-Push your chair back and stand up (make sure you have a little room).
-Climb up on the chair (standing).
-Clap loudly, on tempo, all-together now: clap-clap-clap-clap-clap...
-On the count of three, sing together that Disney version of Happy Birthday, at the top of your lungs. Ready? 1....2....3!

Today is your birthday,
Have a Happy Birthday!
Today is your birthday,
Have a Happy Day!

-Scroll down just a bit, click on the comments link, and leave a birthday wish for her!

Happy Birthday Shawna! I love you!


Katie Booker said...

Hey we share a great day!!!
Happy Birthday Shawna!
I wish I was so YOUNG =)

Misty @ Random said...

Happy Birthday, Shawna! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shawna!!! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shawna! You should have let them sing at Bubba Gumps. Since you didn't I had to listen to Paul Sing at the top of his lungs, Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great day. We enjoyed being with all of you. At least today they gave you the free Pzooki without all the fan fare.
Love Mother

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Shawna,
You old hag! We miss you already here in Kerman. I hope you had fun in San Fran.

Shane Eccles said...

Happy Birthday Shawna! And Happy Fathers Day P.J.!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

We hope to see you this coming weekend; I was going to call dibs on the bed in the guest room, but since it was just Shawna's B-day, I'll let you guys have it. I'm used to sleeping on the couch anyways!

On a separate note…

Did you see an influx of gay people in S.F. this past weekend?

I heard they were flying in from all over the country to get married there, as gay marriages are now legal in CA.

If I still lived in CA, I would be in a U-Haul, heading for the nearest border right now!

Anonymous said...

hey friend , a bit late, but I was away from my computer. hope your day was great. I miss ya bunches. have fun being young, watch out the grey is coming!!! Ha!