Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Oddest Search Terms

How bored must a person be to google "quarters in nose record"?

I pay attention to the various referrals to MyndFood; of all the search engine referrals, the most popular theme is bubble gum (that is, more folks are referred to MyndFood from search engines by typing in "bubble gum" than via any other topic). A very close second though is "quarters in the nose", or some variation thereof.

Do these people not have a life?

I mean, occasionally, I jump on the Net, hop over to Google, and type in random phrases just to see what'll pop up (like "carrots and grasshoppers"; or "how much magenta is in the umbrella?"; or "i have this sharp pain just in front of my belly button" [which, incidentally, informed me that it's likely I'm pregnant; shows how much Google knows...]). It's fun to use randomly phrased search parameters to springboard a good Web surfing session. But "quarters in the nose" is probably somewhere in the bottom 5% on the global list of all search term combinations, ordered by probability of actually being used. NOBODY in their right mind would just randomly search for that!

It's a good thing though, in that it's sending folks to the site.

Which reminds me: if you haven't already seen the video, check it out below, and email a link to this post to everyone in your address book!

As always, thanks for dining!


Katie Booker said...

This is so funny...I actually did a search almost exactly like the one you did...the pain in the belly button thing. That was one sign I got that clued us in I could be pregnant.
You better go get checked QUICKLY lol

Anonymous said...

Hey- type in Deanna Eccles see what you get! It's GREAT!!!
Love ya

A.L. said...