Friday, February 22, 2008

Multiple Personalities

I suspect that, by now, many of you are feeling like A.L. in their comment to my previous post. I think they're wondering if, maybe, I don't have various personalities that are exhibited only when writing for MyndFood.

One day I post a humorous sports video; on another, I post a introspective indictment, bitter at myself for snapping at Gentry; on another, I write about humorous things Lex and Gentry say; on one, I post videos of myself sticking quarters in my nose; and today, I post a book-length economic treatise, replete with a video of me badgering poor, innocent teenagers with convoluted economic principles.

I guess, in hindsight, I can't blame you for being confused A.L., particularly since this last post is a bit of a departure from my typical fare.

Allow me to elaborate. First, MyndFood is intended to be your cyber-restaurant of choice; my goal is to serve up tasty, well-prepared dishes on a daily basis, for your mental consumption. Some days I serve up steak and lobster; sometimes it's a hamburger and fries; on others its a carrot and a piece of celery; and on occassion, it's a smorgasboard of desserts-german chocolate cake, banana pudding, coconut creme pie, chocolate chip cookies, and triple-fudge ice cream.

My prior post, for many of you, was liver and onions (which, strangely enough, Mother LOVES). It might have seemed dry and lacking in flavor, but I PROMISE it's EXTREMELY nourishing. You should eat it.

But please, don't fear; the menu's not changing. The truth is that I posted the video and essay for an Economic Communicators Contest that I entered. They required that I submit a video of myself speaking about an economic concept, as well as a written submission. I could have simply emailed the files in, but in a shameless plug, I chose to use MyndFood as my media of choice.

Who knows; perhaps Walter Williams (renowned economist who fills in for Rush Limbaugh from time to time) or John Stossel (from ABC's 20/20)--both judges for the competition--will find MyndFood entertaining or enlightening, and will come back for more!

At any rate, hop over and take a look at the contest details. For those of you who have more time than money, take a few minutes out and watch the videos submitted by last year's winners; tell me if you think I'm in way over my head here!

Thanks for sticking with me folks!

One heaping order of rice pudding, coming right up!

1 comment:

Shane Eccles said...

LIVER and ONIONS? I’m glad I haven’t read your previous post and will not read it now! Nutritious or not, it is LIVER and ONIONS!

I do understand the approach you take to deliver your Blogging smorgasbord that is why I enjoy visiting Myndfood.

One idea that I think is genius, (I thought of it myself) you should, next to the title of every post, write a food dish you feel it closely resembles in flavor, nutrition and delicacy. Here is an example:



FAMOUS? (Brownie topped with Vanilla Ice cream)

And then with your quotes of the week, or short tidbits you could compare them to dietary supplements like Omega-3 or Ginseng.

What do you think?