Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rev. PJ

I've gone and done it. I became an ordained minister tonight.

I was half-joking when I posted last night; I really had no intention of going and applying. But I thought about it quite a bit today, and realized that there's no reason not to.

So I did. I went over to the website tonight and registered to become an ordained minister. And they approved me. That's no great achievement though; their qualifications for ordination? You have to have filled in all the blanks on the application. That's it.

I did. So, within 72 hours, I'll receive my email confirmation of ordination, and be eligible to begin performing marriage ceremonies, and other "ministerial" duties. I'm excited.

I registered my name in their free "Directory"; folks who go on their website looking for a minister to, say, perform a wedding, will find my name if they happen to live in this area.

It feels weird.

I'm looking around on the Net now, for minister directories to put my name in. I did this; I may as well act on it, and try to drum up some folks needing marrying.


Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Am I entitled to a finders fee or something like that? Maybe a % of your earnings. Love Mother

Anonymous said...

I can't this a joke?

Katie Booker said...

Oh my word...this is too funny!!! If only Phillip and I had known of your "passion" 9 years!

I have another money making opportunity for you to check out also!

Mrs. Willman said...

Yeah, that's pretty neat, you can almost get anything online now. Did you order the material they have yet? Tell me when you get if you ordered it. And if you get too busy with all the weddings ect... just send them my way, I can use some extra money. Thanks.
John W.

Katie Booker said...

Oh and be sure if you are going to be a minister that you stop by their site and do the online confessions! And if your sin is too much to actually confess then you can just type an X in the box and that signifies that you have at least thought about your sins...
It's amazing what all you can do online!