Thursday, February 14, 2008


I'm frustrated. No; more than frustrated, I'm angry.

You'll notice that I've not posted in a few days. Not by choice. In fact, I sat and screamed mindlessly at my computer for about ninety minutes last night, to no avail. The Internet simply would not work. Neither would it work today. Or this evening. In fact, it was unavailable until just moments ago.

You see, we live in a small community. Our telephone service is through a local provider that also provides high speed Internet service to most of the cities' population. They have chronic ups and downs. But most are of the "fewer than 2 hours" variety.

This one took the cake.

Two full days. In my opinion, it's excessive. I'm half-tempted to call them up and threaten to change my Net service. In fact, maybe I'll do that! Maybe I'll find a new provider.

Well, not much to find. There's only one other high speed provider locally. So, it's basically a choice. But, I know for a fact that the OTHER provider has been up for the past few days (as well as all of the prior days that OUR provider has been running), which means we'd have been two days better off had I been with the OTHER provider initially.

Perhaps I will...perhaps I will...

At any rate, this is turning into a rant. That wasn't intended, I assure you. This was merely meant to be a note to let you know that I've not forgotten you, nor have I quit writing. I'm still here, and I still love doing this. I just couldn't!

Thanks to those of you that stuck around!

Don't go away, OK?


Katie Booker said... sounds like a bad day!!! Hopefully it will get better soon!!!!

Mrs. Willman said...

I was upset and frustrated at the Internet being down for two days also. I called them yesterday about it, and they said they were trying to fix it. I receieved an email today regarding the whole problem. They said they would credit those that were affected by it. I told Loretta, lets get Comcast. Jokingly but kink of serious about changing services.
I hope they can get it right. Loretta said that their school in Mendota have Kermantel and they had no problems whatsoever. I hope they can fix the problem so it won't cause this delay again.
John W.