Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Now Pronounce You...

I'm inspired.

Over the past few weeks I've watched Shegazelle's blog as she tells of her (and Hegazelle's) various forays into earning extra money to apply to their efforts toward achieving financial peace. She's sold her bedroom furniture; Hegazelle has changed air filters and sold boxes of drywall screws from their garage; she's eaten leftovers for lunch for weeks straight; he's scoured Craigslist for odd jobs.

And it's paying off for them. They're paying that car off in record time, and their other bills, according to their monthly updates, are being paid down pretty quickly.

So, Shawna and I decided we needed to do something similar. We've looked around; we found a few things to sell, but nothing substantive. So we've been searching for some opportunities.

Mother grabbed me tonight, and gave me the perfect answer.

"Hey, you need to write to Shegazelle that you found a new way to earn extra money," she told me.

"Uh, what is it?" I asked.

"Well, a coworker's relative is doing it; they're making good money every weekend."

"Doing what?"

"Weddings," she said. "He got ordained as a minister!"

"Um, I don't really have any desire to become a minister, Mother. Plus, the whole process of getting a ministers license? Uh uh."

"But he got the ordination for free off of the Internet. And he makes $650 for a Saturday wedding!"

"Oh. You can do that?"

So: my proposal (rather, it's Mother's proposal): I'm going to go get my minister's license, for free, at the Univeral Life Church, and then begin performing marriage ceremonies. You can't beat $650 for a weekends work.

How's THAT, Shegazelle, for gazelle intensity?

Check it out; you can become a minister too! We can go do weddings together.


SheGazelle said...

What a great idea! So how does one go about promoting themselves as a wedding minister? Do tell how the process goes- hegazelle and I would both make lovely ministers, I'm sure. I wonder why Poppy & Nama Baglin don't do this on the weekends... :-D

Katie Booker said...

Hey...we could ALL do that! It could become a family affair!!! What a great idea! Remind me to thank "mother" next time I see her!

Anonymous said...


Just send me a "finders fee" from the $$ that you make. That is thanks enough. What a way for me to payoff my debt.

April Renee said...

Maybe my husband could do that on the side! Then offer to fix thier a/c when they can afford to buy their first home! If they don't divorce first. Hey P.J., You can charge extra for Pre-martial counsling, or maybe get a kick-back from local pastors for referrals. Another way of making $$$$$. Interesting way of meeting people for sure!

P.S. I your get any Deaf prospects, I can interpret for you for a nominal fee! :0)