Monday, September 24, 2007

The Winner Is...

A few weeks ago, in a post entitled "Name That Character" I presented a contest, in which I asked you to name the work and author associated with a number of different character names from popular works of fiction.

A number of you responded-thank you! I truly enjoyed your responses!

We did have a winner, though. Steffanie Russ, a faithful reader from Georgia, sent me the full list of answers-all correct, just a few hours into the contest!

A number of you, though, also sent complete responses. I was, I'll admit, VERY impressed by the number of the answers you knew without looking them up! On the average, each of you who responded knew far more of them off the top of your head than I did!

The others who responded were, in order:

-Katie Booker
-Elden Bankston

Steffanie will, as promised, receive a free MyndFood definition t-shirt. But I was so impressed with the other responses, that I decided to offer each individual who responded a discounted definition t-shirt!

Each of you, email me, if you're interested, shirt size and shipping address, and I'll email you details on how to receive the discounted shirt.

Thank you all who participated! I enjoyed it; I hope you did too!

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