Monday, September 24, 2007

Democratic Writing

This week, I am introducing a new concept to MyndFood, and I wanted to take a few inches of utterly inexpensive digital real estate, and explain the project to you.

Most of you know by now, I have aspirations of someday publishing some fiction. And, as that is a goal of mine, I've started playing around with short-stories (in fact, I'm-shhh, don't tell anyone!-sending one off to a magazine or two for potential publication-cross your fingers-next week). A scene came to mind, though, earlier this week, that sounded like something I'd like to try to put to paper. But I didn't have a story to put it in. So, I thought that I'd work with you as my co-writers, and we'd write a story together!

So, later this week (stay tuned; I don't think you'll want to miss this one), I'll post the first installment of this story that we're going to write democratically. I want you to read it-read it through a few times. Then comment (or email), your thoughts on the writing, the descriptiveness, and the overall quality of the storytelling.

Then, I want you to give a brief synopsis of where you think it should go next (that is, how the story progresses-not the whole story, just the next step). I'll then take all of your comments/ideas, and make a decision, and incorporate them into the story. Then I'll bring that next installment back to you for the same input.

Please participate. This exercise allows me practice that I'll not get elsewhere, and gets a real-world perspective that I'll not get from anywhere else. So your input is valued-in fact, valuable.

Thank you, as always, for reading! You make it fun!


Anonymous said...

Democratic writing? I understand your concept, I just have one question. When you make millions will you be democratic and give us some welfare?

PJ said... have faith, O brother-in-law.

I would say that IF I make millions-read IF-I'm sure I'll find it somewhere in my heart to share with those who've helped me.

Katie Booker said...

I believe I have helped you to become the man you are today! If it wasn't for all of the experiences we had in student counsel you would not be the "Democratic" writer that you are!

PJ said...


I CARRIED you in student council...

Katie Booker said...

I think you better explain "CARRIED" lol