Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hot Dog

This morning, Shawna told me she needed some time away, and asked if I could watch Lex and Gentry while she went to town-to "get away" for a few hours. I, being the wonderful husband and father that I am, said of course; the time away was well-deserved (although, it has been quite a while now; if any of you happen to see her around, tell her we miss her and we'll be good; we just want her to come back home).

At any rate, I took the opportunity to work around the house. I was cleaning the garage (although you can't tell it; I've resigned myself to the fact that the garage is a project for a bigger man than me), and the kids
were climbing the tree in the front yard.

I heard one of the kids run up behind me. I turned. It was Gentry. "What's up, Bub?" I asked him.

"Did you put Chloe in the oven?" he asked.

"What?" I asked (Chloe is our Dachshund).

"Lexis said that you put Chloe in the oven," he said. "Did you?"

"Of course not Bubs. She's in the backyard."

"See Lexis. He didn't," he yelled at his sister, as he ran back toward the tree.

She just cackled.

Sometimes she concerns me.


SheGazelle said...

hehehe...good one Lex.

Judging by the tree in the picture, it looks like you guys live in a well established neighborhood. Better than a new home with no trees...I think it's great that they have trees to climb.
(I know that didn't have a lot to do with your post, sorry, but I fancy the simpler things in life.)

PJ said...

Yep. Very well established neighborhood! The kids LOVE the trees!

Which reminds me: you might come by and visit sometime (as we ARE family, right?).

SheGazelle said...

You tell us when the party is- we'll be there.