Wednesday, September 19, 2007


A colleague told me yesterday about a news story he came across while watching the news recently. I thought it odd, so I googled it, and sure enough, I found the story.

Apparently, Pepsi Co, in their infinite wisdom, has distributed a new product in Japan. It's a cola, with a slight twist: the name of the new drink? "Pepsi Ice Cucumber."

That's right, folks! Cucumber flavored soda!

So, I have to ask: did Pepsi simply make a huge mistake? Because, quite honestly, I don't think that I'm the least bit interested it trying cucumber flavored soda. I don't see ANY market for it here, domestically.

And I know that the Japanese have different tastes-in some ways, their tastes are somewhat eclectic. But cucumber soda seems a little extreme.

Can their tastes be THAT different?

I think that the truth is, Pepsi has recognized that that market is inclined to make "fad" purchases. That is, they'll by anything that is perceived to be trendy. And so Pepsi has attempted to create a "trendy" cola. The equivalent of Tazo Tea, or Starbucks coffee.

I have to say, the soda would bomb here; I think that's inarguable. We like to be trendy, but not at the expense of total personal comfort. Which is why it's not been introduced here.

The true test will be, in a few months, looking back to see whether it was a successful product there in Japan.


Anonymous said...

Yummy! Cucumbers & Pepsi? not a combination I want to try. ={ stick to the fruit flavors Pepsi Co. stay away from the veggies. Whats next? Meats? How bout this? Liver & onions Pepsi? =) Hey mom might even become a pepsi drinker then? lol. J/K mom

Katie Booker said...

Cucumber and Pepsi??? I KNEW there was a reason why I prefered Diet COKE!!!

Anonymous said...

Only if they have a caffine free liver & onions Pepsi. I am off of caffine. J/K I prefree Diet Coke.

Anonymous said...

I think that it will probably go over well in Japan considering there ice cream flavors. Most of them on the list are from Japan.