Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Name That Character

I often force you, my faithful readers, to muddle through my clunky prose and disjointed thoughts, rarely allowing you any true fun.

So, tonight, I present a bit of literary sport. Below I have listed 25 characters from important literary works (many classics, all well-read; almost none would be classified as "popular fiction"). Some, I'll admit, ride the line between classical and popular literature, but were impactful enough to me to be included-and since I author MyndFood, I've taken the privilege of including those characters I wished to include!

That said, here are the rules: the characters are listed 1-25; your answers should be include the answer number (i.e. 1-25), the title of the literary work, and the author, as well as either "B" or "N". The appropriate format is shown below:

1. "My First Novel", P.J. Green, B
2. "My Second Novel", P.J. Green, N

One answer per line. Titles and author names should be spelled correctly, but I'm not a lit teacher, so I'll be reasonably flexible (just make sure I understand). Answers should be emailed to me (at the email address shown in the right hand column) as complete. Make sure your list is complete and accurate, as there is a prize. The first person to send me a complete list of answers, formatted as I've requested, with all answers correct, will receive a free MyndFood Definition tee-shirt. A few key details here-ALL answers must be correct. That means if any are incorrect, the contest continues. If you are the winner, I will notify you by return email within 12 hours of your submission, buy I will not necessarily end the contest at that point.

One final rule: as you can probably, with just a little effort, find every answer on the internet, and there's no effective way of monitoring your usage, there are no restrictions to the methods you use to find the answers. I only ask this: go through the list first, and fill in all those that you know. Only turn to the Net after you've exhausted your literary knowledge. Which is the purpose of the "B" and "N". For those that you actually know (that you don't have to look up), put a "B" for "out of my Brain." For those you have to look up, put "N" for "I had to resort to the interNet."

Any questions? Good! Here goes, then! Enjoy!

1. Muff Potter
2. Jacob Marley
3. Sancho Panza
4. Desdemona
5. Lennie and George
6. Carrieta White
7. Bernard Marx
8. Anne Shirley
9. Edward Rochester
10. Dr. Alan Grant
11. Long John Silver
12. Sam Gangee
13. Ona Lukoszaite
14. Simon Legree
15. Ishmael
16. The Pardoner
17. Guy Montag
18. Roland Deschain
19. Christopher Snow
20. Jing-mei Woo
21. Andrew Bolkonski
22. Buck
23. Jack Burns
24. John Galt
25. Ron Weasley

(Note: a few of the characters appear in multiple of the authors' titles. Any of the applicable titles are acceptable in that case)


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the fun! That was great. Although I didn't know but a few, it was fun looking them up and learning. Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Before I do this I have one question, if I win can you substitute the Myndfood Tee-Shirt for a $10 McDonalds Gift Card?

PJ said...

"The Great MyndFood T-Shirt Giveaway-2007" rules and regulations:

Section 204(a)(i): No prize substitutions shall be allowed, except for in the case of limited availability in particularly large sized t-shirts, in which case, MyndFood management may elect, at their sole discretion, to substitute a set of four (4) free "Lucky Charms" (tm) brand pencils and accompanying plastic pencil sharpener.

Section 119(c)(iv): The contest is open to all citizens of the 48 continguous United States, Alaska, Hawaii, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and outlying areas. No purchase necessary. Employees of MyndFood, family members of MyndFood (near or distant), friends of MyndFood are ineligible to receive any and all prizes (except for the aforementioned "Lucky Charms" pencil set).

Prices and participation may vary. Not open to residents of Rio Linda or the greater Phoenix area.

Katie Booker said...

I am so glad I'm not really related to you.
I have to get a t-shirt!!!!!

SheGazelle said...

If two people's grandparents marry, does that make them (the grandchildren) related?

PJ said...

In your case, gazelle, we'll say that, yes, they are related (in that, I think I read somewhere that it's important to you to be related to intelligent people)...

That said, it would seem to preclude you from winning the t-shirt...never fear, though: there are plenty of Lucky Charm pencils to go around!

Katie Booker said...

So basically it would mean we are Step Cousins??? hmmm...I don't think I like the sound of this!

PJ said...


Ok-I was responding to shegazelles question, in that hegazelle is related to me, through marriage...ok, you got that!

BUT-but, I say-I DID NOT realize that the same was true of Mrs. Booker here!!

Which begs the question: is it too late to retract my position that grandparents marrying equate to grandkids being related?

Help me out here, folks! I'm frantic!!

Anonymous said...

no, because then i would lose all my cousins on my dad's side so you can't retract your statement. I won't let you.

Katie Booker said...

HAHA!!! You're my cousin..and you're stuuck!!...(Said in a singsong voice)
Life has a way of getting even..hee hee

SheGazelle said...

I'm not sure if pj's reply to me should leave me flattered that he's willing to call me a relative, or if I should be indignant at his insinuation that he has superior intelligence.

I think I'll just take my Lucky Charms pencils and leave...

PJ said...


Ok-listen: I visit various other blogs on a regular basis-many of them written by aspiring writers such as myself, about serious topics, similar to those I write about.

And the folks that comment on those blogs? They're invariably thoughtful, and respectful, and leave sober, heartfelt, deep comments that sometimes make you want to cry.

...sounds boring doesn't it?


Thanks for keeping it fun!