Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Today I am twenty-eight.

Birthdays are, I think, lifes way of rubbing it in; a subtle reminder of everything not accomplished.

A few times, growing up, I remember receiving a report card that, in the teachers comments section, had a comment like, "Paul has such untapped potential..." These are the reports cards that I was ashamed of. The grade didn't matter; it was that there was some ability, some hidden nugget that I had neglected to uncover.

And so, I sit here, literally 28 years, to the moment, from my birth, and contemplate all of the times that I've allowed that potential to sit untapped. And think about what I've done between September 19, 2006 and today (or rather, what remains undone that shouldn't be).

And I'm embarrassed.

So please, don't send me birthday wishes (although the thoughfulness of so many of you is truly humbling; thank you all so much). Rather, take this as an opportunity to dig down, and try to find those areas of potential in you that have lain dormant far too long. And make your next birthday an opportunity to smile for the potential that you've turned into reality.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Peej!

Anonymous said...

PJ, PJ, PJ...
you are just too sober!!! SMILE bro. CELEBRATE!!! don't look back with regrets, look foward with anticipation of all to come in the next year. You didn't accomplish all you had hoped this year? Oh well, maybe next year! Lifes too short to look at the what ifs or should haves. Cherish each Moment!!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PJ!!! Enjoy your Chocolate Cake!! We love you lots!

The Freeman's

Anonymous said...

Anonymous was me...
Sorry forgot to put my Name
Love you lots! hope you have a GOOD DAY!!!

SheGazelle said...

That's getting dangerously close to thirty- almost time for you to retire.

PJ said...

Thanks all for the kind words!

I love you all!

And shegazelle: 28 is, in fact, dangerously close to 30; I remind myself daily. The one thing getting older is good for, is it fuels an increased sense of urgency-desperation almost-to accomplish all that you're capable of.

And, as I recall, you're not all that far behind me!

PJ said...

By the way: Lindsy-thanks for stopping by!

Jen n John: Thank you guys too! No chocolate cake, though. It was cheesecake from Tahoe Joe's (thanks to Mother and Dad)! Love your blog, and miss you guys!