Thursday, August 16, 2007

Totally Major?

And in other, equally important news: Yahoo's new news site, OMG! reported today that Victoria Beckham, the former Posh Spice (of Spice Girls fame; you remember them don't you?), and wife of Los Angeles Galaxy soccer star, David Beckham, said today of their new Beverly Hills home: "I am loving our new house. It is totally major!"

I think that speaks for itself, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

It's SO mean of you to post this about me! I don't even know who you are but your totally a rude person. Were trying SO hard to like get used to Americans, but you guys are like SO TOTALLY RUDE all the time. And our new house IS totally major. Its the coolest! You should see the closets in the master bedroom. Mine is 980 square feet! Davids is only like 400 but they have THE TOTALLY COOLEST shoe racks? OMG! And-OMG! The bathroom? It has the HUGEST spa tub! Like the kids go swimming it it at nite! I SO SO SO love it!

K-well, anyway...please don't be so mean! We love it here and just want you guys to share in our joy!


PJ said...


Thanks for stopping by. I have to say that, initially, I thought this was a joke. But none of the folks who I expected to have written it are willing to cop to it.

Sooo...whomever you are, I apologize if I've offended-I honestly do. But you have to admit-"totally major" does sound...I don't know...a little "airheaded" (is that the right word?). But, I think we understand where you're coming from.

Welcome to the United States! We hope you enjoy living here!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you guys thought it was me. I was in Fresno on Friday at the time it was posted. I mean a guy does one Hanson Freak thingy and he's marked for life :) I wonder who did it? I guess will never know and that's how the person will get us. It was witty and made us laugh but then in the end will all be scratching our heads wondering who could come up with it.

Anonymous said...

Posh- OMG I totally am in love with you, especially your accent! I can't believe that someone who would pose as you wouldn't have the courtesy to use a British accent. They should know that Brits don't say "like" every other sentence! You haven't been in Cali for that long. Anyway, you should come visit me for a spot of tea and some scones! I may not play Futbol as well as David, but that's not what love is all about! I think you wouldn't regret giving me a chance.....please! You know I bloody well deserve it! Love Ya!

P.s. Don't be offended by PJ's seemingly degrading comments about your IQ....he really does mean well. Americans express their love in so many different ways! Ta ta!