Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Avid reader that I am, I decided, today, to set up a Wishlist on Amazon.com. I have begun populating it, but it will, I'm sure, take me a few weeks to get the thing totally up-to-date. The link is at the bottom of the sidebar on this page.

I strongly urge each of you to visit, purchase an item from the list, and have it direct shipped to my home (the address is shown at checkout). Feel free to email the wishlist url to your friends who are not yet MyndFood readers.


SheGazelle said...

What an innovative effort at frugality!


Katie Booker said...

Send me the money to buy it and it will be shipped to you NEXT DAY!!!

Or I have a better idea...Tell my dad that it is the BIGGEST and BEST book out there and that it comes in hard back. He will buy it, read it and then offer it to whoever wants it for FREE...

Thats how Phillip and I stay in "the know" with the latest and greatest hard back novels!

Other than that...Your Outta Luck..Dave Ramsey won't let me =)

PJ said...

It's interesting how your responses-gazelle and Katie-reflect your personalities. Katie said, "...Dave Ramsey won't let me..." she kinda let me down easy. Gazelle, on the other hand, said "FAT CHANCE." Typical gazelle.

But that's not the real purpose of this comment: It's interesting how you're willing to come here, eat my "food" and leave-without doing as the Japanese (I think) do. In Japan, the custom is (or should be, if it isn't) to take a gift to the host when you dine at their home. I feed you-almost daily! Take a lesson from the Japanese (or whomever it is).

Ok...I can't do that with a straight face. Ya-gazelle's right: it's nothing more than an innovative effort at frugality. The REAL deal is that I am, obviously, an AVID reader, and have a LARGE collection of hardback books, that I add to monthly. Now, though, that we have Mr. Ramsey looking over our shoulder every time we spend a dime, I can't finagle the funds to support my habit. I'm frantic, to be quite honest. I even-I KID YOU NOT-picked up an application at Barnes and Noble (because the guy there said they get GREAT discounts as employees)!

SheGazelle said...

You are going to have to get hooked on the library. In fact, I find the books I like online and have them sent to my library of choice. Unfortunately, you have to give them back.

Either that or your "Blow" Envelope will have to double as your book envelope!

(A 2nd job to pay for a habit isn't a bad idea either.)

Katie Booker said...

Yes, PJ, I am the more easy, kind and loving person who likes to let people know in a kind and loving way if I can not do what they wish...