Monday, August 13, 2007

First Grade

Lex started first grade today.

She loved it. I knew she would. Nothing interests her more than growing. I'm not talking about the typical "I-wish-I-were-a-big-girl-so-I-could-[fill in the blank here]" frustrations that many kids experience. She has that drive-the desire to achieve, to conquer, to be at the top of the hill. And it doesn't matter what the hill is-she's willing to start climbing (with the exception, perhaps, of cleaning her perpetually messy bedroom)!

Don't get me wrong-I don't mean to immortalize my six-year-old daughter! She's not superhuman by any means. In fact, for all her drive, intelligence and wisdom, she is perhaps one of the most stubborn individuals I've ever encountered. She gets it from her late great-grandmother, I think.

For example, the other evening she made one of her friends cry-apparently she was "talking about" her friend, and her friend, understandably, was hurt by it. So her friend went, crying quietly, to her mother, who happens to be Shawna's close friend. Of course Shawna, being the good parent she is, found out that Lex had been "talking about" her friend, and commenced to explain to Lex that this was innapropriate behavior, and that it was hurtful. Lex stood stoicly and listened to the entire lecture with a grim look on her face. Her lecture finished, Shawna asked Lex if she understood. Lex, of course, said yes. And so Shawna told Lex that she needed to apologize to her friend. Lex said no. Shawna urged her, again, to apologize. Lex reassured us both that she had NO intention of apologizing (those of you who know Alexis know what I'm talking about). At this point, an exasperated Shawna turned to me for help. I urged Lex to apologize. She flatly refused. And so, finally, I urged again-this time with a bit of an "ultimatum." You see I've learned that even stubborn six-year-olds can be pragmatic! She apologized.

My point, though, is this: she's a kid, just like every other six year-old. She's got her flaws-believe me! But she also has the drive to achieve something! And that-that keeps me going! Because, you see, nothing would make me happier than to provide her and Gentry a foundation-a springboard-that will enable them to reach just a bit higher in their life quest. Anything I achieve, I do-NOT to leave it to them, but to give them something to stand on so that they can reach fruit that's just a little too high for me to reach!

And she'll do it! Watch and see!

Congratulations Lex! I love you!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. Decided to comment. I wonder where Alexis got the "perpetually messy" bedroom? Could it be from her Dad, who used to tell his Mother, I am leaving that stuff/clothes on the floor to keep the carpet nice and clean. That way you don't have to clean this carpet as often as you do the rest of the house. And yes I think she does get the stubborness from Her Great-Grandma Ruth. Poppy would agree. Yes Lex does have the desire to achieve, and conquer. I have said many times, Alexis and also Taylor, (the Two Grand-Daughters) will someday be CEO's of major companys or hold jobs of that level. They will conquer. Keep up the blogging I look forwad to it every day. Love Mother

Anonymous said...

I haven't posted in a couple days PJ so I think this would be good time. I'm in no way a counselor but I think for you to achieve this:

Because, you see, nothing would make me happier than to provide her and Gentry a foundation-a springboard-that will enable them to reach just a bit higher in their life quest.

You should make one of my favorite songs your anthem. I wanna be more like you. By Phillips, Craig, and Dean. But in retrospect, PJ your already a good dad. You and Shawna both set good examples for your kids. You know my dad, PJ and your already miles ahead of him and he's got 18 years on you.

Delete this before Tarah sees the diss I made on our father. :)

SheGazelle said...

Aww...I just love bein' around that kiddo- she's got spunk and she cracks me up!

Katie Booker said...

Sounds like Lexi and Logan would REALLY hit it off! We will have to get them together sometime soon. Logan needs someone to set him straight and it sounds like Lexi would do just fine!

Anonymous said...

Hey Way to go Lex!!! You are getting so big and beautiful. We miss you guys lots!! Taylor and Trevin talk about you and Gentry all the time. Hope you have fun at school, Love you

PJ said...


Gotta say-that's pretty creative! I don't think I EVERY got a thank you for extending the life of your carpet!

You'll be glad to know that I no longer throw stuff all over the floor in an attempt to save the carpet...I now do it in order to save the wood floor.

PJ said...

Maybe Lex, Logan and shegazelle (since she SO LOVES being around that kiddo) can get together and play sometime!!

As long as Logan PROMISES not to convince Lex to shave half her head!

Katie Booker said...

Either that or She and Hegazelle could just have one of their own to add to the bunch!!! hee hee