Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Money Makeovers

A friend of ours recently opened an eating establishment. I strongly urge you to visit-as the food is extremely healthy, and is, ultimately, quite tasty! In fact, I've got to say, in many ways, the food there is quite a bit better than the grub you'll find here-as I have a tendency to prepare whatever suits my fancy at the moment, with little thought to how wholesome it might prove for you, my diners!

Yes, that's right, our friend, Shegazelle has recently cast out into the blogosphere, whipping up healthy, hearty mindfare that will-I promise-prove filling and satisfying, if you just give it a chance!

I've been partaking for the past week or so, and finally went out this weekend and picked up The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. We listened to it together (at least the first half) on the way home from Shawna's family home (where we spent the weekend). We sat together late this evening, and listened to some more. We're not quite done, but we've started already! We've got the budget down pat, we've got the emergency fund setup, and we're already on our way to completing Step Two. We're even starting to "live like no one else." I've even let the lawn man go; I get to mow the lawn, starting next week.

So, my point: I encourage you-experience your own money makeover! It feels good! Bookmark Normal is Broke. I wanna be WEIRD and check back often. It's an inspiring blog, and it'll encourage you. And read the book! I have it-on CD. I'll let you borrow it (if I know and trust you)-just send me an email. But please, read it, and work the plan! How amazing would it be to start an epidimic of Money Makeovers via the Blogosphere!


Anonymous said...

I have to agree shegazelle was very inspiring, as was dave ramsey's website. I got on sunday and read all about it. We are definately going to try out this program. I mean who wouldn't want to be debt free. I am excited to get started.

SheGazelle said...

I'm blushing. Seriously! You don't know how exciting it is to me to think I may have influenced someone to search out their own Total Money Makeover!
Way to go guys...you're gonna love it. And if it makes you feel any better, we mow our own grass too. :-) Often I find doing such tasks as tending my own yard or washing my own car gives me time to "power up" mentally and reflect on my goals and reasons for doing the task myself. I usually finish feeling energized mentally (though exhausted physically!)
I so look forward to hearing how your Total Money Makeover progresses!

PJ said...

Well, shegazelle, blush on-because it looks like you might have started a wildfire. We listened to the CD on the way home on Saturday, and were so excited that we started talking about it with some of our friends Sunday evening after church, and now THEY'RE excited about it-in fact, one couple followed us home so that they could borrow the cd!

And now, most of our friends, a number of the young people in the church, my sister (who commented as much above), my parents...all are jumping aboard! So-you've inspired us, gazelle! Keep it up though! Your excitement and enthusiasm are contagious, and will help keep us all inline when it gets tough!

As always, I LOVE your blog!

Katie Booker said...

The Gazelle is on the warpath!!! Pretty soon we will take over the cheetah nation!!!
Blog on both of you!!!

SheGazelle said...

How many times while you and Shawna listened to the CD did you look at each other and think, "This guys is reading our mail!" It's just crazy.
I listen to the TMM audio book about once a month to kinda re-experience the moment when we had our eyes opened.
That is so great that you guys have friends so interested that they followed you home to borrow the CD- it will be great to have people around you to share experiences with as you go.
Thanks much for the kudos today- I'm glad someone out there enjoys the blog- better yet that someone has made a positive change because of it!

PJ said...

Katie: Thanks for the thumbs-up! BTW-great pics of Logan on your blog!

Gazelle: It's funny that you say that! In fact, it's already turned into a joke! Shawna, when she tells the story to our friends, finds it absolutely hilarious that, as we drove and listened, I periodically would hit the power button on the stereo, turn the CD off, and look over at her with a look on my face-I think the look was something like, "Oh my goodness! Has this guy been living in our closet, watching us?" At least 4 or 5 times, while listening, we both turned to each other, at exactly the same time, and said, "Sound familiar?" It's humbling, but also reassuring, to know that we're not the only people to be here! We are, though, among the few who have said, "Enough!" And thank YOU for encouraging us (indirectly) to do so!

And-hey: don't stop blogging!