Sunday, May 11, 2008


Twenty-Eight years ago today Mother, for the very first time, was honored, as one of the luckiest women alive.

She was doubly honored, that Mother's Day in 1980, first simply to be a mother, and second, to be MY mother (an INCREDIBLE honor, I'm sure).

And now, twenty-eight long (but joyous, I'm sure) years later, I honor her for being MY mother (no easy job, I assure you), and for doing so well at it.

I love you Mother! You've been amazing; I couldn't have asked for a better Mom!

Happy Mother's Day!


SheGazelle said...

You were right about the free dinner.

Come around more often than once every 15 years and we'll get together next time.

Anonymous said...

I think that mother's day in 1980, she was probably thinking "what in the world have I gotten myself into?" =) but 3 yrs later on the mother's day in '83 as she celebrated her first as my mother she truly felt a sense of accomplishment. Having had such a wonderful daughter. =) j/k I agree with you- God must have thought we were really special to give us the BEST parents in the WORLD!!! Love you guys!! Miss ya!!