Sunday, May 4, 2008


I bought a book.

It's a book about writing. On how to write good fiction.

Well, it's not really ABOUT writing, it's a book of exercises designed to help me become a better fiction writer.

Writing, like anything else, comes naturally to some, but very few are exceptional at it without any work. It requires practice and refinement in virtually all it's practicioners.

And so this book I bought is chock full of exercises. Which I think I enjoy. I've spent a few hours this evening trying a few of them out. They're hard (but then, they're supposed to be, aren't they? No pain, no gain). They'll get easier, I'm sure, as I get better.

At any rate, I've posted the product of one of my exercises here. I'll post others over time I suspect. Read them, though. With a critical eye. And comment, please. Even anonymously (even you, obnoxious anonymous guy who reads this blog religiously, despite your avowed disdain for each and every word that flows from my pen--or, in this case, from my keyboard).

I'll endeavor to notify you when it's an exercise, and to give you the context so you know what to look for. But please do comment. I need your input if I'm ever to be the widely published writer I aspire to be!

As always, thank you for dining with me! I fear that I've starved a few of you to death over the past two weeks; I'll do what I can to fatten you up over the coming weeks!

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