Friday, May 9, 2008


I disdain politics (although, I fear I'd make a good politician).

Nonetheless, I gather that you, my faithful diners, are of a more civilized and refined ilk than I, and that you, unlike I, actually care who becomes President. So I posed a few thoughtful election related questions to a friend of mine who has a brilliant political mind; his intuitive understanding of the political landscape, and the issues (and non-issues) that make up any good political race, make for a political analysis that's second to none.

And I present for you, dear partakers of this (usually) sumptuous fare, excerpts of my interview with my friend: InvisiPundit.

MyndFood: What's the net effect of Hillary sticking in the race until the bitter end? Does it hurt or help Republicans?

InvisiPundit: It helps the Republicans (more dirt comes out on Obama) more than it hurts them (McCain’s getting virtually no media attention). I subscribe to the view that she is employing a scorched earth policy, figuring she wins even if she loses because she can damage him to the point that he loses to McCain, and she can run again in 2012.

MyndFood: Does Obama have a real chance of beating McCain? What of McCain "courting working-class democrats", as I read on the news? What does that mean? Is he going to be another "say what you need to say to get elected" guy?

InvisiPundit: Obama can still beat McCain – polls indicate this, and there are enough wacko liberals out there who will vote based on empty, but emotionally compelling messages of “hope”, “change” and “healing”. As one opinion piece put it, voting for Obama is a way for many whites to cleanse their conscience. However, in the end I think common sense, the desire for real experience and patriotism, plus some lingering racism (including some of Hillary’s supporters), will prevail and McCain will win. Unfortunately, he has been acting like a klutz lately, stumbling over his words in virtually every appearance – a far cry from Obama’s polished charisma, but also more authentic. McCain has made the mistake of latching on to the gas tax holiday, which makes him look like a panderer (while Obama has been smart by opposing it). In the end, though, a candidate’s true character manifests itself, and people will embrace McCain’s more than Obama’s. McCain has genetic limits on how much he could pander, even if he tried; Obama does not. The only way the Democrats can win is with a dual-ticket, which isn’t likely. Furthermore, I can’t even see the Clintons campaigning for Obama with any vigor (they’d want him to lose).

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Mrs. Willman said...

There are different polls out there that say McCain is ahead of Obama, and those same polls have Hillary slightly ahead of McCain, but some show that McCain is ahead of both of them. Some people on the Hanity show do say, that Hillary is just staying to damage Obama enough for him not to win, so she has a chance for 2012. Obama is more liberal than Hillary, and of course McCain has a better conservative record for most issues, he still has some issues that would consider him to be liberal, and his own words by his mistake once said he's a liberal conservative. I don't think Obama nor Hillary has a chance, there are surveys saying that some of the supporters for Obama would vote for McCain if Hillary got the nomination and vice versa for Hillary's supporter toward McCain if Obama got the nomination. But I think that Rush Limbaugh's operation chaos has some effect of Hillary still be in the campaighn. His is encouraging his 14 million plus listeners of switching over to democrats to vote for Hillary instead of Republican side. Obama would have won Texas and Ohio if they did not switch over. For example Texas had 109000 Republicans switch over, Hillary won by less than that margin. But anyways, I think Newt Gingrich should run or someone else more qualified on the Republican side should run.
Obama does not support Israel has he should, he and his church and former Pastor supports Muslims, terrorists, and the Hamas wants Obama to be President. Obama would be the type to sign a treaty with Israel then cut it off in 3 1/2 years.