Friday, November 9, 2007

In Search of MyndFood

A few weeks ago I wrote in a post that I was excited that a Google search for "Gods plan and bubble gum" put me right at the top of the charts.

Then, following a particularly biting comment by Katie, I felt a bit foolish. Really, how likely is it that someone is going to be searching for God's thoughts on bubble gum on the web? Not very.

It start me thinking though. My sitemeter has a feature that allows me to see, for those visitors who come to MyndFood via a search engine, what they were searching for. So I made a short list.

Here are a few. They're interesting to say the least; in some cases, downright hilarious!

Yes, folks; these are actual search terms that Net surfers have used to find MyndFood in just that past few days. I think it's a testament to the variety you'll find here, and it excites me.

It's also a little disconcerting though. I'm not quite sure how I should feel about someone searching the Net for "what is the bubble gum cow called" or "i'm very sorry, but i have to go to bed now."

At any rate, I thought you'd enjoy...


Katie Booker said...

I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for my comments to be "biting". It was said with all love and concern in my heart!
I only wish I could figure out what words would pop up a search on my blog. =)

Missed seeing you guys at WCC.

PJ said...

Ah, balderdash. Biting was certainly your intention; I know that from years of experience.

On a serious note: sorry we missed you! Hope all is well!