Sunday, November 11, 2007

Boys and Their Skateboards

Gentry turned five years old this week.

Most sophisticated folks, I think, get their kids a cello for their birthday, or savings bonds. Or they take them to the opera, or pick them up from the boarding school for lunch at the "club."

Gentry and I went skateboarding.

He got a skateboard for his birthday. He's enthralled with the thing. I thought it would be nice to spend some time with him for his birthday, so I went out a week ago and bought myself a skateboard, and we went over to the local skate park.

I am not suited for skating-it didn't take long to figure that out. I'm too tall, too clumsy, and WAY too cautious to really be a decent skater. Gentry, on the other hand, will probably be pretty good. Which may, or may not, be a good thing, seeing as how skating is definitely not sophisticated.

But, then, the day was to celebrate him. And he loves the skateboard. On the other hand, he most certainly does not love the cello (although he does have a drum set that he loves to beat to death). Neither does he care for savings bonds (but never fear, shegazelle: he has a savings account which we regularly add to). And I don't think he'll EVER go to a boarding school (I can't imagine the thought of living away from him or his sister for more than a day). Nor will I EVER belong to any type of club-I just don't fit in.

So, Gentry and I are now skaters (well, he's a skater; I mostly sit and roll the skateboard back and forth with my feet. It's harder to injure yourself that way). I thought it might make me cool, but I'm second-guessing that. We went back on Saturday, and there was a whole group of real skaters there, doing some pretty amazing things, looking like they were born with wheels attached to their feet.

Gentry and I both sat for a time and watched, slack jawed. He looked at me after a time and said, "Daddy. When you get biggow like them, then maybe you can wide youw skateboawd like that, huh?"

"Son, I hate to tell you this, but those guys are half my age. I don't think I'll ever ride a skateboard as well as they do."

"Yes you will daddy. 'Cuz youw the best!"

On second thought, maybe I am cool!


Anonymous said...

Isn't it cool to be a hero without really even trying. That's the great thing about parenting! It doesn't matter if you something well or not, to your children - you're the greatest at everything.

Anonymous said...

How neat it is to spend time with your kids.Enjoyed the time with you all at the skatepark and after at pizza.
Love Mother

Anonymous said...

Please let me know the next time you go to the skate park. I would like to bring my video camera. I could use the extra $10,000 they give away on "America's Funniest Home Video's" My kids love the skate park too but i would never think about doing it myself. Well i lied i thought about getting a skate board too but then the vision came to my head in those movies with the guys in the full body cast and then i had second thoughts, but go for it man.