Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Think You Like my Story

Thank you to everyone who read, and gave constructive feedback on my "Democratic Writing" project (the first installment of which I published here a few weeks ago).

I've had a number of people ask when the next installment is forthcoming-apparently someone found the story entertaining thus far. I am working on it-I think I'll have it publishable here within the week. I'll warn you now: it's a bit of a departure from the story line thus far, but it'll all come together, I promise. It seems as though, at first blush, I didn't take into account any of your input; I promise you, I have. But your collective thoughts provided a bit of a twist to the original story line that I'd envisioned, and I needed to build some foundation in order to incorporate them.

For a brief description of the project (for those who've not been paying attention), read my original description. If you've not read the first installment, do so within the next week or so.

As always, thanks for dining with me!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the second installment. Love ya guys!