Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Worthy Cause

I received an email from Steffanie Hardesty over at Bits and Pieces a few days ago.

She leads an outreach group that goes out on weekends and connects with some of the less fortunate in their city (read the blog; some neat stories). They pray with them, bring some to church, feed them and give them blankets and clothing. An extremely worthwhile endeavor.

The Lord's work, by all accounts.

At any rate, their ministry is expending $400/month in fuel costs alone (not including various other expenses). They are looking for help.

I encourage you, readers, to help their group out.

Contact Stephanie at:

Your donations will be to a non-profit organization, so they'll be tax-deductible. Another reason to contribute!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for spreading the word...God bless you and all who contribute to this worthy cause.