Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lesson's Learned

Let it never be said that you can't teach an early bird new tricks...or attention to detail makes one healthy, wealthy and wise...that doesn't sound right.

I dunno. At any rate, I learned something new this week--about giving, love and Valentine's day.

I learned that the greatest giving is multi-dimensional. I've always been a gift giver; I love giving gifts. This year, though, I wanted Valentine's day to be over the top. So I (as you, by now, know) began "wooing" Shawna on Monday. And I, of course, bought her a few small gifts. I took the kids shopping and they found some picture frames that I helped them paint (one evening while Mom was out). And I spent yesterday afternoon (while she was working) making a special dinner for her (it took me 5 hours, but she said it was good). And she and I spent the evening together tonight; it was a date (been a long time sinced we've dated! It made me feel almost young again).

And I realized that my giving, in as many ways as I could imagine, made me love her that much more! I'm passionate about her!

The greatest takeaway from this whole week, I think, was the idea behind Valentine's day. It's always been a day when you're obliged to buy a gift for the one you love. I realized this week that it CAN be an attitude. That deep seated love that is always in the forefront of your mind, that causes you to always be looking for ways to give of yourself as an expression of your love.

So today, at the end of Valentine's Day, 2009, I express my deep-seated, undying love to my wife and friend, Shawna. And I pledge to live each and every day in the spirit of Valentine's Day!

I love you, Shawna--with every thought and with all of my energy, I love you!

In all of my hopes, dreams and desires for my life, you're there. I look forward to a lifetime full of Valentine's with you.

Love always, Your Husband:


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Rhonda Parker said...

PJ ~ That's so sweet! Sounds like your "love language" is gifts. If you haven't read the book, it's by Gary Chapman - The Five Love Languages ... he has a book out for kids as well - "The 5 Love Languages of Children."

I found you through your comment on Sonia's blog.

I don't know if you remember me or not - I used to be Rhonda Smith when I went on the missions trip that you and Sonia were on.

I'm now married to Ben Parker's older brother Matthew, and we have two girls: Shauna and Staci.

Your photo is very small (hint, hint), but it looks like you have a beautiful family. :)

Have a blessed day!

Rhonda Parker