Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tomorrow Already

I walked into the kitchen just now to pour myself a diet soda. Shawna was banging Tupperware around pretending to make dinner and Lex was sitting at the bar, chin resting on her palms, looking contemplatively up at the ceiling.

As I bent and pulled out the freezer drawer on our cool (but frustratingly inconvenient for frequent midnight ice cream runs) freezer, Lex said, "When am I going to be a Mom?"

"WHAT?!?!" I yelped, popping upright.

"I wanna have a baby," she said.

My stomach jumped up and wrapped itself around my windpipe. I tried to protest, but all that came out was a strange squeak. Shawna just chuckled.

I calmed myself down enough to ask why she wanted to have a baby.

"I dunno," she said, "it just sounds fun."

"Talk to your mother about that," I told her as I walked out of the room.

She scares me to death. She's working on addition and subtraction timed tests and on spelling four syllable words, but she's thinking about the future--the DISTANT future (I hope).

How do you stop it? Can you slow it down? I can't keep up with it all. It seems that just when I start to really enjoy a particular period in the kids' life, they move on to another phase.

It makes me want to cry. It feels like tomorrow already.

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Mrs. Willman said...

I can say kids grow up fast since I have two, but that's pretty fast, I probably would react just the same if Tressie asked about that. LOL. It's kind of funny but not really when you realize your kids are growing up. Pretty soon they will be teenagers, then young adults, going to college, voting in elections for the next generation. WOW. I just can't imagine what that would be like. But in time I will be there and you will be there soon too. Time just flies by.