Saturday, March 15, 2008

Only Two Left

We have a house guest-a friend of mine, Kevin, a pianist to rival Liberace (without the bodysuit and cape), and overall musician extraordinaire. He arrived this morning, and we spent the day rehearsing for this week (we're singing at a conference). Gentry stuck with me while Shawna and Lex went and did "girl stuff".

We finished rehearsal, and so I brought Kevin over to the house to get his luggage in the house, and get situated. After he was settled, we sat down in the living room for a few minutes to catch our breath.

While we talked, Gentry went to the pantry, grabbed a fruit roll-up, and ate it while playing with his cars on the living room floor. He finished it and we were still talking, so he hopped up, went to the pantry and grabbed another. He finished that one and we (well, Kevin really; he's a talker, that Kevin) were still going strong, so he made his way back to the pantry and went for a third round.

As he opened the wrapper on this one, Kevin said, "Hey. Can I have a fruit roll-up?"

Gentry stopped and looked up at Kevin. He cocked his head, and squinted at him for a second, not quite sure.

Then he shook his head. "Thewe awe only two left," he said, as he moved back toward his toys.

We've tried so diligently to teach our children that others come first, to treat others with the highest level of respect.

I'm not quite sure Gentry's getting it.

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