Saturday, August 22, 2009

An Old, Old Friend (well, she's not old...the friendship is though)

I had quite a pleasant surprise this evening.

I had a comment pop up in my email from Christina over at Cacoethes Scribendi, a blogger who I enjoy reading Oh, so much.

Imagine, then, my surprise when I saw a familiar face standing with a familiar village king from the Ivory Coast. And then, just below, myself, all those years ago, holding a sign crafted (I think) by my friend, Ogre, welcoming me back to the U.S. after weeks spent traveling abroad.

Christina was on that missions trip with me! I was dumbfounded!

At any rate, you simply have to stop over to her blog, check out the pics and read her stuff!

Good to hear from you again! Stop by again and say hi!

(and it's kinda nice to know SOMEONE still reads this blog! Here's a test: if you still read this blog--or if you're reading this now--post me a comment; make me feel better).


Anonymous said...

Hey PJ, I'm here. Are you feeling any better yet? lol

I stop by every so often and read your writings. It's good to read about you and your family. Keep writing. BTW, have you started making that CD? You know I want the first one signed ok?

Linda Sawhill

PJ said...

Well, hello Linda!

You know, actually, I sing with a group that JUST released an album! The group, Covenant, led by Laird Sillimon, sings primarily gospel music.

You can drop by this MySpace site to hear a few of the songs, and there's a link on the page to the website to buy.

Stop on over! You'll love the music, I'm sure!

Good to hear from you, by the way! I promise I'll let you know when I release my solo album!


MysticsKryten said...

Hay PJ. Yes I still read your blog. And that last post brought back some old memories!!! What a fun trip that was!!! K. Now I hope you feel better. I still read this ALMOST daily. lol


The Eccles said...

I still read it... I think we just are all crazy busy and don't get enough chances to comment... Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey Thanks PJ for the info. on the CD. I just now purchased my own copy and I saw you on the cover! Can't wait to receive it. I love the sound of One God. Looks like you've got your foot in the door, I'll be waiting for that solo album! Many blessings to you and your family!

Linda Sawhill

leah said...

I stop by every once in awhile....

Leah West