Friday, August 28, 2009

I Forgot to Take Out the Garbage...

...and Shawna demands a ship-shape house.

Just kidding. I had eye surgery today. Figured those who bear me
affection can poke fun, those who are curious can marvel, and those
who dislike me can revel in my enormous discomfort.

It's really quite disgusting and more than a little uncomfortable...


MysticsKryten said...

looks PAINFUL!!!! ouch!!!

Unknown said...

ARGHH! where's the pirate patch????

Anonymous said...

OMG! Hope you're ok. I thought your eyes looked great the way they were - ha ha!

You are a funny guy, I mean about the clean house - guess it runs in the family huh?

Linda Sawhill

The Eccles said...

={ looks painful... hope it's feeling better... Love ya!

Anonymous said...

you know shawna punched yu for talking

hope she didnt do to much damage..

Ezra Clark