Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We're back.

I'm glad; I REALLY missed the kids (we haven't been away from them for that long since...well...since they were born, actually).

But I LOVE Manhattan! I wanna live there. Really, I do!

I have the building picked out, and everything! It's in the Upper East Side, right off of Central Park West...sigh...

Someday when I'm a famous (and eccentric) writer...at least famouser (and eccentricer) than I am now.

Until then, back home in the lovely Central Valley!

Didja miss me?

Had a fantabulous time, though! A Broadway show (which was incredible); a Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island-Chinatown marathon; Times Square (sensory overload); Cirque du Soleil (Oh. My. Goodness.); $200 in taxi fares (not all at once); and like eleventy-billion blocks walked.

Wonderful! You should go!

1 comment:

SheGazelle said...

If you get REALLY famous you should consider Greenwich Village. THAT would be the place to live.
Or if you want to live a life of adventure there is always Queens...