Friday, May 22, 2009

10 Years

Today, dear MyndFood readers, is a day for celebration!

Shawna and I celebrate our 10 year anniversary today! That's right, 10 years!

I have to say, I don't deserve to have had 10 great years with such an incredible woman--and I count every day a blessing that we have together.

Sometimes it takes a paradigm shift in order to understand what true love really is, and I'm so incredibly fortunate to have found it.

So, here's to an incredible lady--who has stuck with me for 10 years! And here's to at least 70 more!

I love you Shawna! I count myself fortunate to have you as my wife. I certainly don't deserve someone as truly amazing as you!

Happy Anniversary!

Oh--if you have Shawna's phone number/email/facebook (gasp) tag, send her anniversary greetings!

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