Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Phone

I'm starting to get the itch. The new phone itch.

It happens to me every so often. It's typically when some new cellphone hits the news that I get the hankering for a new one.

This time all the talk about the new third generation iPhone, now starting at the new low price of $199. When the iPhone first hit the market, I was enchanted. I desperately wanted one. The idea of a touch screen and a web browser that actually pulled up real looking web pages (as opposed to those mobile web ones).

But then, the iPhone has kinda run it's course for me; the novelty has worn off, and it doesn't really grab my attention anymore.

But then I heard that RIM is releasing a new Blackberry this month (I carry a Blackberry), and I hopped over to their website, and I have to say, the phone is a cool phone. It's certainly a step up from mine. But then, it's not ENORMOUSLY different from mine; it doesn't make my heart flutter.

Oh, but THEN I just happened to run into this news story online about the HTC Touch Diamond. THAT, my friends, is a phone. How can you not fall in love with a touchscreen phone that has a VGA quality display, and is nearly an ounce lighter than the iPhone? And there has to be something wrong with you if the idea of a weather widget that actually has moving clouds and raindrops that "drip" onto the screen (as well as windshield wipers to sweep the water away).

It's just downright cool.

But I won't get any of them, at least for now. Because SheGazelle has convicted me. I don't know how she does it, but her blog, no matter HOW frugal I've been, makes me feel like a wasteful, careless spender. And I just can't bring myself to, after reading her blog, go spend $300-$500 on a new cellphone, just because it's cool.

Unless, that is, there's a coupon for it in the penny saver...


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about SheGazelle,half the time when I read her blog I am encouraged and the other half I am convicted like you.I have started clipping coupons, hope it pays off as well as it has for her. Then maybe I can buy your dad the HTC Touch Diamond. You know he likes to get new phones.
Love Mother

SheGazelle said...

May your heart smite you only for purchases made with something other than cold hard cash! Otherwise, it's up to you to decide which you value more: debt freedom or a cool new phone.
But, wow! How great to know my blog is having such a positive effect on the thought processes of others! THAT inspires me.
Meanwhile, stay tuned to hear what spendy little gazelles we will soon become- it just might make you feel justified in buying a new phone...