Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Son is Given

To two who deserve it more than anyone I know.
Congratulations, Rev. & Mrs. O'Gillery (better known as Uncle Rick and Aunt Gina) on the birth of Caden Myrick Teel!

He was born today, April 9, sometime in the morning (I think). He weighed a lot, and was pretty big (if you wanna know the details, you're gonna have to ask one of the women; they keep track of those things).

Point is, he was born healthy and strong, and will likely prove to be a wonderfully smart, handsome and well-behaved son (much like me).

It would only be fitting though, I think, if he is the type of curious boy who switches the gas tank on the truck to the empty tank (without telling Rick) mid-trip. Or the type who wears green rubber gloves and a gas mask while driving down the road, much to Rick's embarassment. Or maybe even the type who prefers not to eat those southern "just-dip-your-fork-in-the-jelly-a-few-germs-never-hurt-anyone" breakfasts.

It'd be fitting, wouldn't it Rick?
Congratulations guys! We love you, and look forward to meeting young Caden. We have much to tell him!


Katie Booker said...

Congrats to Rick, Gina & Ashtyn!!! He is a DOLL! Makes me anxious to get my little guy here!

Anonymous said...

The wonderfully smart, handsome part is true, but who is my well-behaved son? just kidding

I hope Caden is the type of boy that will get up in the middle of the night to eat the last piece of coconut cream pie so his Dad won't have any to eat in the morning. haha Rick.

Love Mother